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That all children with brain injuries achieve their potential. Onwards and upwards...


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Although there is no cure for cerebral palsy, autism, ADHD or other neuro-developmental disorder, whether caused by brain injury or genetics, Snowdrop provides neuroscience based treatment, which has revolutionised the lives of many children.  We know that repetition of stimulus is the way in which brain plasticity is stimulated.  When we apply this simple knowledge to the developmental problems a child is facing, the results can be astonishing.  Want to learn more? Our best ambassadors are our families so visit us on Facebook where we have a private group for families with children on the programme.  There you can discuss with them, either publicly or in private, the progress their children are making.  We are always open and welcoming and we encourage you to ask questions.  In this way you can satisfy yourself as to whether Snowdrop can help your little one to acheive his or her potential.  All you have to do is to email me at giving me the email address which is connected to your Facebook account and I will then send you an invitation to our group. You won't be able to find it yourselves because it is a 'secret group.'



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I have learned more about Cerebral Palsy from you than any other doctor in the world.

- Martin

The hospital physiotherapist said she would see him once he became 'more disabled'. Sweetheart, you will never see my son again

- Faith