Empowering Lives: A Journey Through Cerebral Palsy Treatment with Andrew Brereton and Snowdrop

Meet Andrew Brereton, the founder of Snowdrop. The story of Snowdrop's origins is deeply personal, stemming from Andrew's own son, Daniel, born in 1987 with profound cerebral palsy resulting from what were termed 'catastrophic brain injuries.' The tale of Daniel's journey is a testament to resilience, leading Andrew down an uncharted path into the realm of neuroscience and child development, marked by academic pursuits across multiple universities.

Driven by a passion to make a difference, Andrew's dedication to understanding the intricate nuances of cerebral palsy and its treatment culminated in a spectrum of qualifications that fortify his expertise:

  • BA (Hons) based in 'Psychology, Neurophysiology and Child Development.'
  • Post Graduate Diploma in 'Social Science.'
  • Post Graduate Certificate in 'Professional Studies in Education.'
  • Post Graduate Diploma (with distinction) in 'Language and Communication Impairments in Children.'
  • MSc specializing in 'Cognitive Neuroscience, Connectionist Modelling and Child Development.'
  • Recently elected as a 'Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.'

Snowdrop's journey commenced in 2007, with the pioneering treatment of two boys-one hailing from South Africa and the other from the UK. The resounding success of these early interventions paved the way for countless others, sparking a wave of momentum that continues to this day. Presently, our reach spans across continents, with 60% of our children based in the UK. Beyond borders, children from Canada, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, India, Romania, Sweden, Nigeria, South Africa, and numerous other locations have found their way to us.

The heart of our growth is rooted in one indisputable foundation: results. Our reputation flourishes because of the transformative impact we've had on countless lives. The testament to our success? Our families, who have witnessed firsthand the remarkable strides their children have taken with our guidance and their dedication. Want to hear their stories? Step into our Facebook group where our families openly share their journeys. Reach out to us, and we'll admit you to our community so you are able to connect with our families, engage in conversations, and witness the tangible progress our children are achieving. The journey is about empowering lives and celebrating the milestones that define it.