About us

Welcome to the website of 'Snowdrop for Brain Injured Children.  We provide programmes of developmental stimulation for children who have a wide variety of diagnoses, such as 'cerebral palsy, autism, ADHD, learning difficulties, developmental delay, PDD and many more.  We also provide treatment for children who have a variety of genetic disorders.


Snowdrop's aim is to work with parents to enhance the abilities of all children who have developmental problems. We do so by providing individually tailored programmes designed to stimulate the plasticity of the brain and to channel that plasticity down the developmental pathway.  We believe that every child has the right to the opportunity to fulfil his / her potential.  We see many children, some of whom have been completely written off by the medical profession, whose parents have been told to expect little or no progress, but more often than not, between us we manage to defy those predictions and progress is indeed made!  Some children make remarkable progress, whilst the majority make steady progress and there are fortunately only a few who make just a little progress.

Our desire for all the children we see is for them to achieve the highest possible level of developmental function in each area of development. In the future as our knowledge and consequently our treatment methods improve, we believe that it is possible that this 'highest possible level of functioning' will indeed become 'developmental normality.'

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