The Programme


Unveiling the Blueprint: Crafting Tailored Cerebral Palsy Treatment Programmes

Delving into the heart of Snowdrop's treatment approach, a comprehensive program is meticulously designed to enhance your child's developmental journey. This program encompasses two distinctive components, curated with your child's unique needs in mind.


  1. Structured Developmental Activities: Unveiling the Core


  • An immersive 20 to 30-minute session, brimming with structured activities tailored exclusively to your child's developmental requirements.
  • Each activity boasts a concise duration of 1 to 5 minutes, ensuring optimal engagement and attention.
  • While we provide the program as a cohesive routine, its flexibility enables adaptation to align with your family's daily commitments and rhythm.


  1. Personalised Developmental Recommendations: Nurturing Holistic Growth


  • Complementing the structured program, a set of personalized developmental recommendations is furnished.
  • These recommendations encompass facets that don't seamlessly integrate into the structured routine but contribute to the comprehensive 'lifestyle changes' pivotal for your child's holistic development.
  • From nutrition insights to fostering an enriched sensory environment, these recommendations are thoughtfully tailored to fortify your child's developmental journey.


The Intensity Spectrum: Crafting Your Child's Developmental Trajectory

The intensity of the program is a flexible element decided by you, the family, hinging upon your preferences and objectives. While lesser repetitions of program activities may lead to slower progress, certain scenarios, such as sensory hyper-sensitivity, might necessitate a gentler initiation. Embracing the broader scope, it's crucial to recognize that combating neurodevelopmental challenges requires more than sporadic weekly therapy sessions. Commitment is key - parents should be primed to engage consistently, dedicating time six days a week. While we warmly welcome parents who cannot for valid reasons, make huge time commitments, it's essential to understand that more repetitions of the programme can expedite your child's progress significantly.

Navigating Program Logistics: Your Guide to Success

The program primarily accommodates the involvement of 1 adult to carry it out. However, specific activities might call for the involvement of 2 people. In such instances, enlisting assistance from family members or close friends is invaluable. Leveraging the collective support from your inner circle can not only streamline program execution but also foster your child's social development, promoting interactions beyond the therapeutic arena.

As we journey together to unleash your child's potential, remember, Snowdrop's programs are meticulously designed blueprints tailored to every child's unique journey. With unwavering commitment and informed practices, we strive to elevate not just your child's developmental horizons but also the nurturing environment they need. Your dedication, coupled with our guidance, promises steps toward a brighter future for your child.


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