Meet the Children

Meet some of our children

Below are links to some of our children.

First of all we have a newspaper article about a little boy named Finn Jordan.  Finn was one of Snowdrop's first clients.  Finn was born with a golf ball sized tumour in his brain, which had to be surgically removed. Subsequent bleeding into the brain and hydrocephalus left him severely brain damaged to the point where he no longer interacted with his environment at all. His mum described the situation as someone having pushed his 'standby button.' Finn was forecast to have profound problems in every area of development.
Three years after starting the Snowdrop Programme, Finn is described as developmentally equal to his twin brother in every way. Doctor's are amazed! You can read more about Finn's story in the article in the Daily Mail by clicking the following link.

This next footage is of a little girl who was born with 75% brain damage.  She has been on the Snowdrop programme for just over a year and is doing amazing things. Her prognosis was described as "savage" by her parents, who were given little hope for her survival, let alone her development. She was forecast to be blind, deaf and quadriplegic, but thanks to the programme she has the visual and auditory abilities of a three year old, (her age is 14 months).  Here she is trying to crawl, an ability she will soon master. and here she is using her ipad.  Not a bad start for someone who was forecast to be blind and quadriplegic!

Our next little one is Max.  He is from Australia and he suffered a massive left hemisphere stroke which left him unaware of and unable to use his right sided limbs.  His mum enrolled him on the 'distance programme' just 5 months ago and here you can see footage of him using his right hand just as he should be.  He is now walking and kicking a football around!

Here we see a little one who has a rare genetic disorder, which has affected her neurological development.  Again doctors were very negative concerning her prognosis, but here we see her beginning to understand the concept of books and turning the pages.  She is now sitting independently and on her way to learning to crawl and pulling herself to a standing position.

Here is a little chap who has been on the programme for about 6 months.  When we first saw him his mobility development was very poor, but here he is getting to his feet for the first time.  He is now walking independently.

This little chap who has severe quadriplegic cerebral palsy and profound visual problems has been on programme for almost a year.  He could not see and had no mobility development at all.  Here we see him on the verge of learning to sit.   His vision is also dramatically improved.

This little girl suffered severe PVL (a bleed into the white matter of the brain) at birth and was going to have massive problems in using her left side limbs.  After only 8 months on programme, here she is learning to stand.  It will not be long before she is walking and she is using those left side limbs as well as any child her age.  The latest update on this little one is that she is now walking and is developmentally ahead of her uninjured twin sister!

These are all children who are on the Snowdrop programme and the improvements they have made can be verified by their parents.  We have no problem in anyone considering the programme contacting our familes, who are happy to talk about their experiences.